Quick Guide to getting a loan

Quick Guide to Documentation That  Buyers Need for a Lender



Standard Items:

      • Copies of Driver’s License or legal ID
      • Full Month’s Pay Stub for each applicant
      • Last 2 year’s W­2s
      • Last 2 years tax returns
      • Contact number for employer
      • Most recent 2 month bank statement (with all pages)
      • Provide all asset documents for 2 months, especially pertaining to where down­payment if applicable, is coming from
      • Copies of all cancelled earnest money and due diligence checks (once cleared their account)
      • Name and contact info for their home insurance provider

These are the basics. It may also be required to get other information such as proof of  citizenship, prior to 2 most recent year’s income documents business license etc., but that is  where a detailed review with a lender will reveal more details and requirements.


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